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Hello and Welcome to My Blog :)

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Make yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair; are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Good, I'll carry on then...

Why a blog? Why Now at My Age?

Since I started creating this website, which has been an 'adventure' in itself (especially for a technophobe control freak like me...hands up, I own it), I've had this inspiration that I need to start a blog and that Spirit wants me to share my heart with the World. My Earth head says 'righty ho, how is a private person going to share and bare' and yet, my Soul and Spirit is continually and gently nudging me to do this, reminding me that they have my back, just like any good Mother would do with their child when embarking upon a new adventure.

From My Heart to Yours

All I do know, that where ever this blog takes me, you, as the reader, will be coming along for the ride too. So I promise that all ramblings and musings from this Medium will be from my heart to yours with the intention to uplift, comfort, heal, connect to and hopefully inspire; be they based on my own experiences, teachings, inspirations, life experiences and so forth.

And if you happen to feel drawn to booking a one to one with me, kindly email me on

I look forward to working with you :)

Much love to you all...

Nicola xxx

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