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Hoorah, we're up and running!

It's only taken me two months, a few bald spots, numerous tantrums (and cups of tea to calm said tantrums), some very Anglo-Saxon phrases and a learning curve with a gradient that puts Everest to other words, this #spiritualist #medium is an #IT #wix slow learner!

Nicola Neal - Change
“Change is the Only Constant in Life” - Heraclitus (Greek philosopher)

Letting go...

One of the steepest curves to 'embrace' was in learning to let go of the feeling that my new website, in all it's magnificent newness glory HAD to be perfect. I am a perfectionist, I have a saying "do it one once do it right"; then I realised that this saying is actually rather limiting.

If I did everything right the first time, where would the learning be?

For isn't it in our mistakes that we expand, grow and learn how to do things either better or vow to never repeat the mistake again.

Doing this website really opened my eyes to my own occasional limiting belief system.

I then wondered if this crossed over into my work with #Spirit...and yes, in some ways it has done. In the past, I've been so focused on doing my best for Spirit and my sitter, that I often feel the pressure to be right the first time so that I don't look like a wally; well, that's how I felt anyway. Anyone else ever felt like this? How did you get over it?

Anyhoo, I actually shared my beautiful creation with the World BEFORE it was 100% finished and have just changed a few bits, one of them being this blog as there templates were still showing lol. Oh well, hey ho...

So, I am now being far more gentle with myself and am #changing my saying from 'do it once do it right' to 'do it lots whilst flying by the seat of my pants' because, lets face it, we're all winging it in our physical lives really...aren't we?

Much love to you all and thanks for reading my ramblings; I hope you got something from it :)

Nicola xxx

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Thank you response was delayed as I've only just sussed out how to do it lol x


Louise Gourlay
Louise Gourlay

Well done. I look forward to reading about your adventures with Spirit.

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