Healing is just one aspect of mediumship and I believe that, like connecting to our loved ones, it is available to all.


Our guides, guardian angels and loved ones all want us to be happy and healthy.  They look upon us with an eternal love, unparalled and wish to share this with us in many forms, one being healing; as we all have free will choice, we have to ask for that help, they cannot interfere in our lives otherwise.

With the right intentions and approach, no request for healing is ever wasted, with the healing going to your mind, body and/or soul. Sometimes this can be felt immediately and sometimes it is a cumulative effect; either way, you are inviting in a love based higher power to assist rebalance and restore vitality to your otherwise depleted mind body and/or soul.


Sometimes there may also be a sudden desire to change something within our lives that we may of once been happy to participate in. 


I do believe in personal responsibility and advocate this approach in my 'one-to-ones'; we are, after all, I believe, powerful beyond measure.


When asking for healing, it's important that it your request is approached with love, an open heart and mind as to how your request is answered and administered; do your best to resist predicting the outcome and allow the healing to occur organically.


To ask your guides, guardian angel and loved ones for healing, may I suggest the following;

- Sit quietly in a relaxed position where you won't be disturbed. This is your time and it is better when external distractions such as phones etc...are switched off.

- If appropriate, the lighting of a candle can help create a relaxing atmosphere (ensuring it's way from curtains etc...)  as can it's battery counterpart; gentle music playing or silence are both perfect; both are a personal preference.

- Focus on your breath as deeply as you can comfortably manage until it falls into a natural rhythym. Allow your thoughts to pass through your mind as you would allow the cars to pass you on the road. If you find your thoughts jumping away with you, bring your attention back to your breath. You can keep your eyes open and stare into the candle or close your eyes, whatever is your preference.

- Mentally invite your guides, angels and loved ones to come and give you healing; our angels, guides and loved ones work with thought. By sending a thought out for healing, through that love based intention, a connection is created between worlds


- Sit for as long as feels comfortable to you. I suggest five minutes to start or when you feel the time to move.

Please note - You may feel different sensations on your body such as cool, warmth, tingling, tickling and have the urge to scratch; all of this is perfectly natural. You may also feel quite emotional and be aware of someone close to you; please know that your request for healing has been heard and will be received on the level that is perfect for you to receive it at this time; your guides, guardian angels and loved ones may of waited a long time to work with you.

If this has been of benefit to you, I'd love to hear about your experiences; kindly email me here.

A Mothers Love...

"I’ve had two other experiences with alleged Mediums in the past and on both occasions I was extremely disappointed. NOT THIS TIME.


Nicola said things she couldn’t have possibly known about my Mum. Nicola is the genuine article and has a true gift and want to thank her for bringing me my Mum and making me feel content in the knowledge she’s with me and happy in her new life, but above all I want to thank my Mum for coming through .. I love you so much and miss you more than sweets (a personal saying).


I recommend anyone contemplating this to make an appointment with Nicola .. she’s one in a million"

—  Clare M, Switzerland